The Dutch metal band Seven Steps of Denial will release their new 5 track EP “Forgotten” on September 1, 2022 via Pt78 Records.

Born from the kerosene fumes and the roaring sound of jet engines near Holland International Airport, another engine roars. 7SOD arose in 2008 from the Dutch soil of tulips with the aim of playing melodic metal. Their collective passion is not only their songs, live shows and their fans, but also their approach to the music they love - Metal without limits!

The passion and focus to rock the world is matched by that of their musical eagerness. Fellow metal heads, musicians, critics and their fan base know they are dead serious about their music. By working hard on live shows and rapidly expanding the number of gigs at home and abroad, the band started to take off and has now grown into a well-oiled metal machine.

For example, after 2 EPs and many positive reviews, they were picked up by the Italian record label Audio Ferox and booking agency Black Sheep Bookings and Metal Sound.

Over the years their approach to music has evolved with the band members becoming a real unit and the music even more explosive. It was time for new work. 7SOD is releasing their new EP on Pt78 Records. An EP released in a beautiful digi-pack that they are proud of, but can of course also be listened to via all streaming platforms.

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